HolistiCyber is a cyber-defense company specializing in nation-state grade Threats. We strengthen global enterprises’ cyber defenses by providing expert services and solutions to defend them proactively and holistically in an era of constantly evolving cyber threats — in both volume and level of sophistication.

Our analysis includes deep understanding of business processes and critical assets. Our expertise includes the ability to assess and handle threats from the vantage point of attacker.

This analysis allows organizations to prioritize and handle the most critical risks first, thus avoiding catastrophic consequences as well as easing the workload of busy IT and security teams.

HolistiCyber is comprised of domain experts with years of experience
in both the public and private sectors, including cybersecurity ex-government/ Israel Defense Force's (IDF) Intelligence branch.



rThreat is a breach and attack emulation platform that challenges your cyber defenses using real world and custom threats in a secure environment. Think of rThreat as your live fire exercise for cyber attacks.

Our on-demand threat packages are based on the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, test across the entire kill chain, and consist of known and unknown/Zero-Day threats. Our threats use the authentic tactics, techniques, and procedures of hostile threat actors. The methodology we use to run our tests using the rThreat platform provides security teams a true-to-life, realistic assessment of whether or not cyber defenses are configured and working properly. Our platform tests security tools ranging from firewalls and antivirus all the way to SIEM and SOAR platforms.



ISSA is dedicated to developing and connecting cybersecurity leaders globally.

ISSA is the number one choice for international cybersecurity professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk, and protecting critical information and infrastructure.

Members span all levels of the security field across many industries.

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